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Protecting the Male Child

Parents believe in protecting their female child from sex predators but leave the male child at their mercies unknowingly. Male child molestation has gone unnoticed for a very long time due to the fact that most times they aren’t discovered and the victims are left with scars of such horrible experience which would affect their social, mental and sexual relationship with others in the future to come.


UNICEF’s child protection programme aims to provide preventive and response interventions for children who are victims of, or at risk from violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation through strengthened child protection systems.

The programme works across multiple levels and sectors, to generate and analyse evidence for legal reform and increased public financing for children as well as design quality age and gender-specific services.

Hours of Operation

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Protecting him!

Violence against children occurs in homes, families, schools, communities, and other places where children should feel safe. According to UNICEF, Six out of every 10 children experience some form of violence – one in four girls and 10% of boys have been victims of sexual violence. Of the children who reported violence, fewer than five out of 100 received any form of support.
At CARTDIC, we believe that the male child should be protected from sexual predators same way the female child is. It is always hard for them to speak up but as parents, we should be observant of our male children. They need to be watched for signs like depression, withdrawal, and isolation.
The male child who has been abused by someone he calls aunt or uncle may have his destiny truncated. Many times, such boys grow up to be sex addicts and tend to be a philanderer, have trust issues, and are always withdrawn. At CARTDIC, we have chosen to be a voice to the voiceless male child and together we can stop the molestation of children.

Ways to Protect the Male Child

Ensuring children in humanitarian situations have timely and sustained access to quality preventive and responsive child protection services.

Supporting the development, coordination and implementation of an inter-sectoral national social norms change strategy to end violence against children

Strengthened legislative and institutional frameworks to protect children vulnerable and exposed to violence, abuse and exploitation.